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The consequences of enabling loved ones

It’s a natural feeling for humans to go above and beyond to help their loved ones. Let’s face it: Everyone values their family and will do whatever is needed to support them, especially during challenging times. However, attempting to help someone with substance addiction can
create more harm than good.

Family and friends may believe they’re helping, but in reality, they’re enabling the substance addiction. Enabling a loved one with substance addiction means you’re also helping prevent themselves from accepting and getting help for their condition. The result causes the user to assume they don’t have a problem that needs help, which will drive them further down the rabbit hole of addiction.

Signs that you’re enabling a loved one

For those who wonder if they’re enabling a loved one’s substance addiction, read these questions and take notes of which ones relate:

  • Are you giving them money often?
  • Are you providing them with housing?
  • Are you constantly downplaying the severity of their addiction?
  • Are you providing them with enough or any emotional support?
  • Are you constantly lying to shield them from their consequences?
  • Are you making excuses for their behaviors while they’re using

Besides these questions, possibly the most critical kind of enabling is doing nothing when you know your loved one needs help. When the problem is ignored, or friends and family pretend it doesn’t exist, it also enables them to believe their actions are warranted.

The importance of Accreditations when
selecting a Treatment Centre

With so many substance addiction treatment centers across the nation, people may be wondering how to ensure their loved one receives the best care. They may also want to know which substance addiction treatment programs work best. The best way to ensure their loved one receives individualized, comprehensive, and efficient treatment is by selecting an accredited rehab facility.

Addiction treatment programs that are accredited have received repeated evaluations, ensuring they’re administering exceptional patient care standards. For example, therapy practices and programs are compared with the Joint Commission standards or Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation (CARF).

Accreditations show the addiction treatment center’s devotion and dedication to continuously improving their care delivery to their patients.

What is ensured at an Accredited Treatment Program?

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  • Patient-focus approach to therapy
  • Safe recovery methods
  • Follows all policy and procedural standards
  • Cultural support with particular groups
  • United services and organized care plan
  • Protective environment where patients can heal
  • Medical assistance, treatment, and support
  • Professional and proficient intervention
  • Staff delivers top mental health disorder and addiction treatment
  • Emergency policy meets all safety and health standards
  • Documentation, critical incident reports, and emergency drills
  • Center on character development activities
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Accreditation and Chances at
Success Of Recovery

A person’s success during their substance addiction treatment will depend on several variables like trauma, co-occurring mental health disorders, addiction history, and chronic health conditions. Although lasting recovery isn’t guaranteed just because you’re attending an accredited facility, it will ensure the highest standard of care is being administered.

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Medical Disclaimer

The content in this blog isn’t treatment or medical or diagnosis advice. It would be best to ask your physician or health
provider any questions concerning any medical health like substance addiction and other mental health disorders.

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