Benzodiazepine Detox in Florida

A successful withdrawal from benzodiazepines requires knowing what to expect. The first step away from addiction may seem the hardest, and patients need courage. Through detox, the body can get rid of “benzos” that change the brain’s chemistry. However, the process can produce symptoms that range from unpleasant to dangerous. No matter how hard the first step may seem, it offers a chance to recover from addiction. Benzodiazepine detox centers in Riviera Beach, FL provide a starting place.

How Benzodiazepine Addiction Develops

Researchers say that benzodiazepines help patients cope with anxiety, insomnia, and alcohol withdrawal. They have known this since doctors started prescribing them in the 1960s. However, they didn’t realize the danger of benzo addiction symptoms until much later.

Scientists later learned that drugs affect brain receptors, and this increases with use. Patients may not remember how to do things without benzos over time. Even so, patients have almost no ability to resist the need to use them. Some signs of addiction include:

  • Slurred speech
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Blurred vision
  • Drowsiness

Not surprisingly, benzos affect the nervous system and can cause coma as well.

Learning About Detox for Benzo Addiction Symptoms

Benzodiazepine detox rids the body of depressants and sedatives that affect the central nervous system. Patients who recover know what goes on inside the body when drugs gain control. With a need for facts, patients can learn how to handle mental health issues. Treatment can provide a return to life without drugs. However, the symptoms of addiction make life hard to tolerate.

Recognizing the Most Common Types of Benzos

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Doctors prescribe benzos to help patients cope with mental health issues and relieve distress. However, patients risk becoming addicted to some of the most well-known benzos on the market. Patients often learn by hard lessons that benzo addiction symptoms can prove hard to stop.


Doctors may prescribe Valium (generic diazepam) to lessen anxiety and help control some of the agitation that sometimes happens in withdrawal from alcohol. The drug calms abnormal brain overactivity. It works to control muscle spasms and seizures that can occur with some nerves.

Common side effects may cause patients to feel tired or dizzy. Muscles may feel weak, and patients may have problems with constipation or urination. Dry mouth, nausea, confusion, and changes in sex drive may occur from using diazepam. Serious conditions such as slurred speech, slowed heart and breath rate, and shaking or uncontrollable movements require medical attention at benzodiazepine detox centers.


Patients who need relief from anxiety disorders may get a prescription for Xanax (generic alprazolam). Most people with anxiety disorder worry a lot about personal health, work, and socializing. Xanax decreases the brain’s abnormal excitement level, treats panic disorders, and lessens extreme fear.

Some of the side effects that patients report include headache, drowsiness or dizziness, dry mouth, and nausea. Changes in sexual ability may occur. Some patients may have nausea, constipation, weight changes, and joint pain. While uncommon, serious side effects may need medical attention. Issues include thoughts of suicide, mood changes, depression, memory issues, imagining things, seizures, and balance problems. Treatment at benzodiazepine detox centers can help users regain control of their lives.


When patients seem unable to relax, doctors may prescribe Ativan (generic lorazepam) to help slow the brain’s activity level.

Conditions that can occur as side effects include diarrhea, nausea, constipation, and changes in appetite. Patients may feel drowsy, tired, weak, restless, or excited. Urinating may frequently occur or with difficulty. Serious side effects that may need medical attention include an irregular heartbeat, fever, tremors, and severe skin rash. A shuffling walk may alert patients to the need for help at benzodiazepine detox centers.


Prescriptions for Klonopin (generic clonazepam) may help control some kinds of seizures by themselves or with other drugs. Benzo detox medications can relieve the effects of drugs that cause panic attacks and reduce abnormal brain activity.

Among the side effects that may occur, drowsiness and dizziness seem common. Patients may have coordination issues and feel unsteady when standing. The body may have pain in the joints or muscles, and the urge to urinate frequently may occur. Some users have blurred vision, changes in sex drive, and memory issues. Serious side effects may involve difficulty breathing or swallowing, and both may require medical attention. Hives, rashes, and swelling of the face and its features indicate problem issues.

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Turning to Detox for Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms

Research at the National Institutes of Health shows that opioids can produce a sense of well-being. They may create drowsiness and depressed respiration that may lead to death from overdose. With repeated use, severe discomfort can occur when patients stop using the addictive drugs.

A serious issue involves tolerance that repeated use can induce. When patients no longer respond in the same way to the drug, attempts to take a higher dose may occur. Unfortunately, most users do not know when the brain becomes less responsive to the drug. Dangerous situations can arise when a patient tries to quit using and loses tolerance for the drug. The high level of intake that worked before can create a fatal overdose.

Benzodiazepine withdrawal can make patients feel uncomfortable with symptoms that vary. The mildest forms make people feel restless, lightheaded and unable to sleep. Some joints and muscles may feel stiff, and patients can want to avoid light, noises, or aromas. Similarly, nausea and vomiting may occur as more serious signs of withdrawal. An increase in heart rate or body temperature may accompany cramping and dizziness. Tremors may occur at the same time, and fainting may result from low pressure when patients stand.

Understanding the Process of Benzo Medical Detox

Patients at benzodiazepine detox centers can receive medication-assisted treatment to manage disorders, achieve recovery and avoid overdosing. The process combines medication with therapies and counseling in a “whole-patient” approach. A customized program meets the needs of each patient, and it helps many people sustain recovery. Similarly, the method helps patients to reduce or prevent overdose. Highly effective for addiction to benzos, treatment for benzo addiction symptoms produces results.

Benzodiazepine detox in Florida can do the following:

  • Normalizes brain chemistry and produces vital steps to recovery
  • Blocks the euphoria that opioids produce
  • Relieves physiological cravings
  • Normalizes body functions
  • Eliminates the adverse effects of benzos
  • Improves employment ability
  • Increases patient survival
  • Decreases criminal activity among people with substance abuse disorders
  • Improves birth outcomes among pregnant women

Benzo detox medications can help patients reverse negative effects.

Finding Treatment Options at Benzodiazepine Detox Centers

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Patients can find a range of treatment options for benzodiazepine detox that meet needs and preferences. Compassionate and understanding mental health professionals offer help to anyone who needs it in treatment programs that work.

Benzodiazepine detox centers offer group, individual, and family therapy to support anyone who wants to stop using benzos. Each type of treatment allows patients to progress at a pace that mental health care professionals suggest.

Individual Residential Treatment

An option to live at a benzodiazepine rehab center provides patients access to care 24 hours a day. An intensive care program for benzodiazepine detox may last for up to 90 days in a private and secure environment. Counseling and therapy offer patients a chance to discuss specific problems with skilled professionals.

Inpatient Treatment

With the availability of drug rehabilitation around the clock, patients can enjoy a sense of security and well-being. Simultaneously, inpatient treatment in a residential setting keeps patients safe and comfortable while withdrawing from benzodiazepine. Also, interventions by skilled professionals can help patients obtain a healthy and productive lifestyle. Continuous monitoring assures each patient of personal attention that each serious condition deserves.

Outpatient Treatment

As an alternative to the care that inpatient treatment provides, outpatient care can treat mild addiction. People can continue to work and maintain regular duties while receiving treatment. Patients may attend weekly sessions of group or behavioral therapy unless a need for more intensive care arises.

Group Therapy

On an inpatient or outpatient basis, group therapy helps patients recover from benzo addition with others’ help. By sharing experiences with benzodiazepine detox, patients may receive insights into personal behavior that can lead to independence from drugs. The shared experience may enable patients to form intimate bonds with others who know the anxiety and isolation that benzo addiction produces.

Family Therapy

Involvement by the whole family can aid in substance abuse treatment by sharing knowledge about living without drugs. The strengths and resources of a family can provide the strength and resolve that patients need for recovery.

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Finding Help with Treatment

Anyone looking for benzo detox in South Florida can find excellent care in Riviera Beach. At Intrepid Detox Residential, we offer personalized treatment in a secure and serene setting. We design a program that includes your personal history and treatment goals at a price that matches your financial situation. Our medically certified physicians guide your detoxification process and provide medication-assisted treatment if you need it.

We offer a comfortable and supportive environment to help you achieve your treatment goals. Contact us to find an opportunity that can help you or a loved one regain health and productivity.