Women’s Drug Rehab in Florida

Addiction can be a destructive and stressful situation for everyone involved. Every year, thousands of women end up developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Addiction is considered a disease, one that can cause much stress and problems in a person’s life and well being. This is why it’s important to weigh out the options and select a women’s drug rehab that can get you or your loved one to a better place in their drug use.

There are many benefits to looking for a women’s treatment center and getting proper help in a gender-specific environment. Often, women feel more comfortable getting treatment in a location that’s focused on the struggles and specifics of women and addiction. There are many drug rehab centers in Florida that provide quality addiction treatment for women of all ages.

Like with all gender-specific programs, there are several benefits involved with getting treatment with those of the same sex. Certain aspects of a woman’s journey are more unique, and opening up about their personal struggles can be a comforting and effective experience. Intrepid Detox is here to help you or a loved one find the right women’s treatment center for you.

How Women Experience Addiction Differently

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No two cases of addiction are the same, especially when it comes to men and women. Women have a much different experience than men do during addiction and vice versa. There are certain aspects to consider when looking at women’s treatment center options. When it comes to relationships, family influences, sexuality, pregnancy, and other aspects of a women’s life, they may require more personalized support. Here are a few things to consider when understanding how women experience addiction:

Partner Relationships

At times, women may end up staying in relationships, even if they’re harmful or toxic in some way. In some situations, women may stay in a relationship for financial reasons or social dependence. Treatment can help promote individuality and independence. 

Family Influence

It is not uncommon for women who grew up in homes of substance abuse and addiction to repeat that same environment in adulthood. Women may engage in similar activities and behaviors surrounding addiction and drug abuse. This can create problems within the person and those around them. Treatment helps change these behaviors through improving communication, stress management, and problem-solving.


This is a topic that affects many people, especially women. Sexuality and sexual identity are crucial to understanding one’s self-worth and needs. During treatment, a person can explore their body image, sexuality, and other matters. 


Pregnancy is something that affects specifically women. Those who are pregnant and are suffering from addiction may undergo much stress. The negative stigma around drinking while pregnant and the desire to stop can make pregnancy is a complicated and stressful experience. Women’s drug rehab centers can provide a safe and non-judgemental space for women who are pregnant. 


Being the mother of a child while suffering from an addiction can be a hard and painful experience. Alcohol and drug use can harm the relationship between a parent and their child. Women’s drug rehab centers can help both the parent and the child get physiatric/medical care during treatment.  


In many cases of addiction, both men and women, a person may be suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Women may develop PTSD after a traumatic experience such as sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. In these cases, it’s not uncommon for a person to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. A Florida-based women’s treatment center will help a person sort through these emotions and learn to cope with their trauma.

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Treatment Options in Women’s Drug Rehab

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With all cases of addiction, several addiction treatment options are offered. Depending on the person, the severity of their addiction, and other factors, certain treatment methods may be better than others. A women’s treatment center will typically offer a personalized and well-rounded treatment option for all a person’s needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most common treatment methods available in women’s drug rehab centers in Florida:

Residential/Inpatient Treatment for Women

Women who are suffering from more severe addictions or feel too stressed at home may want to consider inpatient or residential treatment. During addiction recovery, it’s important for a person to be in a safe and open environment. Going back to a stressful environment can make relapsing almost guaranteed. Residential treatment has women staying in a supervised and safe environment for a period of time.

With 24/7 and personalized treatment (therapy), women have the highest chance of sobriety in an inpatient treatment setting. Residential programs can be catered specifically to women, creating an open environment free of judgment and unease.

During residential treatment, a person will have their own set routine every day. This will include several different therapy options and group counseling among other activities. This helps create a controlled and well-rounded treatment option for women of all ages. Residential/inpatient treatment offers the best chance for sobriety when it comes to addiction.

Outpatient Treatment for Women

The other main form of addiction treatment is outpatient treatment. Instead of staying in a facility, a person is able to live at their house while attending weekly sessions at the rehab. This is a great option for women who have children or are working/attending school. However, since a person is not actively living in a rehab center, outpatient treatment is best for those with milder cases of addiction. A person should consider residential treatment over outpatient treatment if they have:

  • Co-occurring disorders
  • History of withdrawal seizures/delirium
  • A lack of support back at home
  • Suicidal thoughts/ideation
  • No reliable transportation to and from treatment
  • A history of noncompliance during treatment

Outpatient treatment options are available in many women’s drug rehab in the Florida area and offer a flexible way to get treatment. Some women also use outpatient treatment as a way to transition back into their life after inpatient treatment has come to an end. There is also another version of outpatient treatment such as intensive outpatient treatment (IOP). IOP follows a similar style as traditional outpatient, except women make more frequent visits to the sessions.

Therapy for Women

Therapy is a vital part of addiction treatment and is essential to achieving sobriety in any women’s treatment center. Addiction affects the body and the mind as well. It’s important to understand why a person began drinking to begin with. Many times there is unaddressed trauma or specific mental disorders that have not been treated. Women’s drug rehab centers offer specialized therapy efforts for women and their specific preferences.

There are many different forms of therapy, each focusing on a different aspect of a person’s mental state. It’s important to come to terms with the person’s inner thoughts and behaviors – this is to avoid relapses down the line. These therapy options are conducted individually by a therapist or done in a group setting. Common therapy options during women’s drug rehab include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This focuses on changing someone’s behavior for the better while disproving inaccurate thoughts.
  • Family Therapy – This therapy is focused on a person’s family. It can be very useful in cases of family dysfunction or children of addicts
  • Group Therapy – This is done in a group setting. During women’s drug rehab, these group sessions involve women sharing their own stories and struggles. Group therapy can be a great way to open up to others.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy – This helps a person deal with stress management and negative thoughts.

Therapy is a vital part of the process and is especially important in cases of women and addiction. There are certain topics and struggles that are best dealt with in a gender-specific environment, especially for women. Therapy can help a person cope with their internal thoughts and behaviors. Therapy is also paired with other addiction treatment options like medication-assisted treatment.

Detox Options for Women

Detoxification can be found in every single case of addiction treatment for both men and women. Detox is the process of ridding the body of toxic substances and helps to cope with some of the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting drug use suddenly. This is vital to helping a person start their journey towards sobriety. Detox can be found in almost all rehabs in Florida, regardless of the women’s treatment center you choose.

Detoxification is best done under medical supervision. It’s not recommended that a person attempt to quit alone. Those who try to detox alone (also known as “cold turkey”) may experience unforeseen effects that could be potentially dangerous. It’s best to turn to medical professionals for drug detoxification.

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