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A Hospital Level of Care That Feels Like Home

Our facility was built from scratch with one purpose in mind: Giving care to those in need Our staff of medical and clinical professionals will make sure that you or your loved one is always comfortable and supported.


In addition to televisions in the bedrooms, the common area features an oversize sofa and a big screen UHD Smart TV with hours of HD Television and Movies. When not partaking in group therapy or private clinical activities, our clients can relax and enjoy the entertainment. Friday’s are usually pizza and movie night.

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Change Every Week

Maintaining a healthy diet is an important aspect of sustained sobriety. When our diet is balanced and nutritious, it enhances our social, emotional, and physical well-being. We have more energy, and feel better overall. At Intrepid we offer the highest quality of food.

Our meals are prepared by chef’s daily and served promptly. In addition to our scheduled meals, we have a variety of juices, coffee drinks, ice cream and snacks – because comfort food is important too!

Cheesy scrambled eggs, with sausage & breakfast potatoes
Loaded breakfast burritos with salsa picante
Biscuits & gravy with scrambled eggs
& more

Breakfast Options

Buffalo chicken wraps with pasta salad
Greek salad with blackened chicken
Taco salad with southwest ranch
& more

Lunch Options

Homestyle lasagna with garlic bread & house salad
Grilled pork chops with roasted sweet potato wedges & roasted vegetables
Grilled burgers & hotdogs with potato salad & grilled vegetables
& more

Dinner Options

Single Rooms Available

Our bedrooms are spacious and feature soft Eurotop mattresses, because comfortable sleep is important. Each bed space has a conveniently located headphone jack so that all of our residents can privately enjoy television programming of their own choosing.

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